Bank of East Java targeting 200 thousand users of SMS Banking

bankjatim – Bank of East Java target 200 thousand customers using short massage service (SMS) facility to transact during 2014.

“We are targeting 200 thousand customers to use SMS Banking in this year,” said President Director of Bank of East Java, Hadi Sukrianto at his office, Friday (21/03/2014).

In this transaction, Bank of East Java SMS Banking facility will serve up to Rp 10 million transactions. The maximum limit is applied with the purpose of security when transactions. Therefore, this system can also be used for delivery to a bank other than the Bank of East Java. Thus, Bank of East Java can send money to another bank via SMS.

This system, he added, was not as good as the policy held by the BCA Bank. Where BCA has used SMS banking system for a long time, while the Bank of East Java just starting because of the pressing need.

“We want customers can send money through mobile phones. They can be anywhere to transact,” he said.

SMS Banking is an innovative development of the code 3388 into 3366. With this change, Hadi sure it has more complete features. This feature will make customers more happy to make a transaction.

The system is enforced since the Bank of East Java obtained an operating license from Bank Indonesia (BI) in December. For three months, this facility has been used approximately 15,000 customers.

This facility can be used to obtain rate information, account balance, transaction history, bank code information, the purchase of pulses, PLN Prepaid, postpaid cell phone credit payments. It also can be used for bill taps, internet bills, pay TV, multi finance, donation coaching education, collective labor agreement, property tax, plane ticket, train ticket, transfers between Bank of East Java and another bank.

“We believe the number of users of these facilities will increase. We aim at all levels of society,” said Hadi.

Director of Operations at Bank of East Java, Eko Antono said, in addition to SMS Banking, Bank of East Java this year release flazz card Bank of East Java. In fact, next June will be release Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. This is done so that the customer more satisfied in the transaction.

“If it’s the internet using the upper middle class. So we also focus aiming their existence,” he said.

For SMS Banking, customers will be charged an administrative fee of Rp 5,000, while the Internet and Mobile Banking can be used for free.

“Bank of East Java Internet Banking, Priority Banking will be more sophisticated., Where I will introduce the development of fund transfer feature, EDC, and host to host,” he said.

For customers who frequent the transaction, Bank of East Java will give you a gift. They can enter the lottery is conducted. However, a lottery process will be done by a certain time.

“It is not possible lottery every month, there is a certain time so that consumers can get a prize,” said Djoko Lesmono as Director of Business, Medium & Corporate Bank of East Java.

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