Benefits And Advantages of Internet Banking

internet-banking-300x224Lately, the use of internet as if they could not be separated in supporting activities and our daily activities. Many of our current activity that requires an internet connection as a supporter. The use of the internet connection most widely used in the business activities. With the help of an internet connection, a global market was open to anyone without having to concerned about the distance and time. The payment system of goods and services even more easily with the online transactions. In connection with the matter, the bank manager was both state and private bank as public fund managers are competing to create a transaction system that allows a person to make payments or other banking transaction without having to come to the bank directly. The system is now popular as e-banking or Internet banking. Actually, what is meant by internet banking? And what can we do to take advantage of internet banking services? Before knowing about the various services available in the internet banking, let’s discuss a little about the notion of internet banking itself.

E-banking or electronic banking or which often called Internet banking is a service created by banks (private and government) to take advantage of Internet technology, as a medium to perform a variety of transactions related to banking transactions. Internet banking services using internet network as mediator or communicator between the customer and the bank. In addition, any form of transaction made illusory, or without the need for face-to-face process between the customer and the bank officer concerned. In other words, Internet banking is the opposite of the conventional banking transactions, in which the conventional transaction processing required face-to-face directly between the bank and the customer, then it is not necessary if we use internet banking services when conducting banking transactions. Any transaction made are virtual, meaning that all transactions carried out with the support of internet connection and without face to face with the bank. With capitalize internet connection that we have, even it via PC, mobile phone, or tablet, internet banking transactions can be done anywhere else.

Today almost all banks in Indonesia has internet banking service. Various kinds of transactions can be done online. However, what kind transaction can be done through internet banking? Indeed, not all banks have the same internet banking service types, but in general they have a service like this. Here are some of the benefits and advantages of internet banking:

Checks the Balance

Want to see the amount of balance that we have? No need to come all the way to the bank or ATM, simply by utilizing the internet banking facility then we can know the number of the existing balance in our account whereever we are.

Bills Payment

Nowadays we can simply access our account via computer or mobile phone to pay our bills everyday such as electricity, water, telephone, pulses, school children and other bills which of course is integrated with the bank. With rapid processing, bill payment had been able to be implemented without having to come directly to the place as usual.

Non-cash Money Transfers

If usually we go to the nearest ATM to transfer, then with the internet banking service we can simply access our account via computer or telephone, simply by writing down the nominal we will to transfer from our account to the destination account, the money was already moving quickly.

Booking Ticket

If we intend to travel using the train or plane and lazy queuing to buy a ticket, this time it can be done while engrossed in watching television or reading a newspaper. By utilizing the Internet banking services, ticket reservations either plane or train can be done without having to come to the nearest airport or station.

Indeed, not all banking transactions can be done through internet banking service. For example, if we want to open a new account in a bank, then inevitably we have to come directly to the bank concerned to fill the data themselves and completes other requirements. In addition, some banks also have different services for their internet banking, but the example above in general has been owned by all banks that have internet banking services in their system. So this is a review about the benefits and advantages of internet banking. Hopefully this review can be an idea that the current banking in Indonesia has quite modern and the expected quality of banking services could be improved to the satisfaction of customers and more importantly help to improve the economy of our beloved country. Hopefully!!

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