Advanced Digital Technology, Underdeveloped Banking Payment Methods?

SINGAPORE, – Technology and digital innovation is now growing rapidly globally. This includes the rapid birth of financial technology aka financial technology (fintech). Then, will this development make the payment services and methods provided by banking and payment banking transaction providers such as Mastercard increasingly underdeveloped? Co-President Asia Pacific Mastercard Ari Sarker answered it. “We are very pleased with the future of companies like Mastercard,” Sarker said at the Money 20/20 Asia event at Marina Bay Sands Expo Center, Singapore, Tuesday (13/3/2018). Sarker said, fintech and digital innovations have a fundamental impact on the entire industry, not to mention the financial industry and banking itself. In the next decade, globally it is predicted there will be about 50 billion digital devices that are connected to each other. The development of this technology is recognized Sarker will make banks and supporting companies such as Mastercard will tend to invisible or as invisible. This, he added, should be viewed as an opportunity for self-development. Therefore, Mastercard is changing not only provides a bank payment platform by using a debit or credit card. Sarker said, Mastercard is now turning into a provider of technology that simplifies payments and makes it efficient but secure.

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