Bank Papua Prepares Applications That Can Mentuport Towards Foreign Exchange Bank

Jayapura: To accommodate business and regulatory needs such as accelerating the development of new products of Bank Papua, such as savings, time deposits, certificates of deposit, On Call deposit, Virtual Account, Safe Deposite Box and other banking products. So Banks need to prepare an application system that can support multi currency to Foreign Exchange Bank.
“For that, Bank Papua needs to improve and develop applications that can integrate from the application of Core banking, Delivery Channel so as to improve non-stop and parallel transaction services,” said IT Division Head Benedictus Renny See to a number of journalists in his press conference in the room meeting of PT. Bank Papua Jayapura, Tuesday (1/9) morning.
In addition, he said, Bank Papua also has a public responsibility to always be online and improve operational problems that occur, with some consideration of the management of Bank Papua take the decision to replace the core Banking System.
“Like the ever-growing and ever-evolving banking information system technology tailored to the market demand for banking services and business needs, System core Banking Olibs currently used by Bank Papua is an old technology that’s about 15 years old,” he explained.
Furthermore, Bank Papua is growing and growing and growing, as seen from the increasing product growth, the addition of office network and Delivery Channel namely ATM, EDC, CDM and others and the growth of significant number of customers.
“Currently Bank Papua is preparing itself to become a Foreign Exchange Bank while Client Banking Olibs still uses single currency that can not be used to conduct transactions using multy currency as one of the requirements to conduct foreign exchange transactions,” he explained.
It is said, the core banking technology system that has been used that is Olibs can not accommodate these three things because of the slow service time to customers due to application limitations and the ability of Olibs server.
“On solid dates at the beginning of the month, the service takes so long that there is an operational slowness in the next day,” he said.
As for the excellence of On Line Integrated Base System (Olibs) 724, Olibs 724 product is complied with Bank Indonesia regulation and has fulfilled the accounting standards as regulated in PAPI 2008, PSAK 50/55, AML / KYC.
“The use of sytem clustering on Olibs 724, then the system has the ability to support the development of bank business both in terms of growth of the number of offices, the number of ATMs, EDC, CDM and the number of customers or transactions that can be served easily and quickly, simply by increasing its infrastructure capacity without having to replace the device that has been installed, “he said.
With the Olibs 724 system he is respectful, so that service in the front office or Teller and Costumer Service becomes faster. So that the data of centralized customers in one data enables customer service in any branch can identify and segment the customer and up date customer data.
“The condition of Bank Papua currently run normally and operate as usual. In relation to the migration of Olibs 724, Bank Papua needs to provide information to the debtor or customers and the community that in the process of integration of the old Olibs system to Olibs 724 must have been through an adequate assessment and has been approved by the banking authorities with a long period of preparation so that the Bank Papua feels ready to do the migration, “he explained.
It realizes that in the process of system migration experienced by the banking certainly cause inconvenience for customers.
“For that reason, it should be informed to the loyal customers of Bank Papua that if there is any thing that disturbs the convenience of customers in transactions and services of Bank Papua in order to immediately contact the nearest branch office of Bank Papua in Indonesia to take strategic steps to handle and provide comfort to customers in integrating with Bank Papua or can contact us via telephone ie, (0967) 532011 or Bank Papua website at, “he concluded. (Tiara