Benefits of payment gateway in digital business

Payment gateway is a system that is in charge of payment process, this payment system is usually used in eCommerce world, as for the benefit of payment gateway is to give advantage that will in one of them will have a trusted impression in the eyes of consumer, besides other advantage is
1. Can accept payment by credit card
2. Making sure online transactions are safe
3. Confidentiality of data and information maintained
4. Can process hundreds to thousands of transactions in a very short time.

In addition to various benefits of payment gateway can also be equipped with a dashboard that can help the process of sales reconciliation such as:
1. Sales Report
2. Sales Details
3. Void, and
4. Refund
so no need to bother in the process of reconciliation and do not even need to reconfirm after payment (consumer)

RCS Articles: Bandung March 13, 2018