Messaging Center

Notification Center is a dedicated system as a one-stop service for all shipping needs notification by other systems. The benefits of using notification center notification function is easy to use without having to build their own notification system.

Data is sent through the notification center will be processed first and then sent through other systems. such as email, sms and more. Using Notification Center we can choose transmission of data through the system needed.

arsitektur notification center


  • Cost efficient to develop and to expand
  • Easier to maintain and monitor
  • Client platform independent


  • Plain and by template based message
  • Recipient group management, ready for bulk/blast message
  • Expandable message type
  • Client restriction by public key and IP
  • Easy-to-use Web Admin Console 


  1. Notification Sub System : SMS, Email
  2. Notification Center Switching : Security, Subsystem Routing, Template Management, Recipient Group Management