Core Banking

Core Banking System (CBS) application is a core application which is the heart of the banking system. Core Banking is used to process the loan, saving, customer information files to other various banking services. When compared with the other industries, the Core Banking application is similar to the Telecommunications Billing systems in the company, or its ERP manufacturing company.


Amanah Core Banking is the answer for the world of banking and payment systems towards requirement for the availability of IT infrastructure by providing a scalable platform and tested for Core Banking System.

Our solutions are designed to meet the bank business needs and it gives an advantage to the bank to optimize business processes, faster time to market, according to BI regulations, flexible and rapid reporting.

Amanah Core


  • Fully integrated, centralised and real time Amanah CBS with browser based user interface using HTML5 so it can be accessed from desktop or mobile device.
  • True 24/7 non stop processing and high availability through clustering
  • 3 tier application with multi institution capability
  • Database independent (Postgresql, SQLServer, DB2, Oracle etc.)
  • O/S independent (Linux, Unix, Windows)
  • Rich Functionalities.
  • Secure.
  • Full  regulatory compliance & standard reporting.


In terms of Functionality :

  • Multi currency system with parameterised product development.
  • Advanced features: bulk upload,  standing instruction, account sweep, etc.
  • Flexible integration (messsaging/middleware) through SOA – Service Oriented Architecture.
  • Print spooler (holds all reports waiting to be printed).
  • Display reports to users in pdf format and data to in Excel format.
  • Multiple delivery channel support, including branches, point-of-sale terminals, call centers, mobile devices and internet banking.

In terms of Security :

  • Role based access, dependent on user and group capability levels.
  • Local and remote supervisor override.
  • Complete audit trail and automatic logoff.