Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is a banking application that needs to be installed in mobile devices such as smart phones which has similar functions such as internet banking in particular to make customers easier to do banking transactions.

Mobile Banking refers to provide and establish banking and financial services with help from mobile telecommunication devices. Services offered include facilities to do bank transactions such as for managing accounts and bill payment.



  • The application is easy to use (available video demo).
  • Services can be reached anywhere, and whenever it was needed (24 hour access).
  • As a personal ATM: transfers, payments, purchases (execpt cash withdrawals).
  • Safe and reliable (using 128bit SSL security system).
  • More efficient use of bandwidth than internet banking.
  • Have admin application to manage user, account and products in internet banking.
  • Have an audit trail for transactions.


  • Account Information
    • check balance
    • mini statement
  • Transfer
    • transfer funds
  • Purchase
    • telephone (Prepaid)
    • electricity (Prepaid)
  • Payment
    • education
    • electricity
    • water treatment
    • credit card
    • internet
    • telephone
    • cable TV


  • Android :┬áminimum OS version 2.1
  • Blackberry RIM :┬áminimum OS version 5
  • iOS :┬áminimum OS version 4