Sms Banking

SMS banking is a banking application to perform a number of financial transactions through SMS media.

SMS Banking using two methods, namely push and pull messages. Push SMS messages are sent by the bank to send the customer’s phone, without customer initiating the request for information. Usually Push messages is marketing message or message that gives information transaction at customer’s account, such as a large withdrawal of funds from an ATM or a large payment using the customer’s credit card. While pull messages is a method that required the customer wishes such as check balances, transfer etc.

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  • services accessible anywhere, and whenever it was needed (24 hour access)
  • like a personal ATM : transfers, payments, purchases (except cash withdrawals)
  • easy because it does not need a particular application, only using a text message (SMS)
  • can use any SIM Card both GSM or CDMA


  • Account Information
    • check balance
    • mini statement
  • Transfer
    • transfer funds
  • Purchase
    • telephone (Prepaid)
    • electricity (Prepaid)
  • Payment
    • education
    • electricity
    • water treatment
    • credit card
    • internet
    • telephone
    • cable TV