Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway is an interface application for service providers as a payment authorization for e-business.

Payment Gateway facilitates transfer of information between a payment portal (such as website, mobile phone or IVR services) with Business application and database. Similar to consumers who order products online.

Payment gateway can encrypt sensitive data, such as credit card information and ensure that information is passed securely.

Payment gateway utilize cutting edge technology to apply to standard online payment system with ISO standard data exchange. It also based on the Open Platform, reliable support team, and centralized web-based administration.

Infrastruktur Pay GW 1

Consumer Benefits :

  • Saves time : Consumer do not need to go payment site for the transaction, simply do secure payment remotely by using the V-Banking products.
  • Reduce queues : By using V-Banking, consumer do not need to queue anymore, because by using Personal Computer or Mobile Phone, consumer can make real time secure payments.

Client Benefits :

  • Safer : There are no direct access to database, everything will be verified by payment gateway.
  • Simple : User with specific admin rights can control access the payment gateway configuration.
  • More flexible : Payment Gateway can be accessed using different programming languages​​.
  • Easy maintenance and upgrade : Payment gateway is modular system, it can be easily updated its single module and automatically distributed to all channels.
  • Multi channel : Payment gateway can support multiple payment channel simultaneously, e.g. : Payment Point, Banking Channel (internet banking, sms banking, ATM, Teller).
  • Multi biller : Payment gateway can manage many billing services.


  1. Support Standard Data Exchange : ISO 8583, XML, Web Services
  2. Database Environment (MySQL, Postgre SQL, SQL Server, Oracle)
  3. Massive Reliable Data Transactions (depending on hardware and Payment gateway configuration).
  4. Complete Audit Trail System.
  5. Complete Payment Cycle Support : Inquiry, Payment, Advice & Reversal
  6. Reconcile System :
    • Data Processing Modules
    • Administration module
    • Reporting module