Switching System

This application is an interface between the application of the payment counters and billers that maybe have different possibilities of communication protocols and message types, and has a path to communicate well with core banking interface.

The main advantages of switching itself is a channels expansion, such as Teller, EDC, PPOB, Online Banking, and also the expansion of billers services, such as PLN, PDAM, Telkom, Finance, and others.

One illustration of using transaction gateway is teller want to pay PLN bill, then transaction gateway will summon PLN module to access PLN biller. After knowing the bill amout, system will access account through core bank system to decrease account balance, and show to teller’s screen that payment has been made.


Client Benefits

  • Safer: no direct channel access to the database.
  • Simpler: admin has easy access and control to the payment gateway.
  • More flexible: it can be accessed using different programming languages.
  • Easier for maintenance and advancing: if there is a bug in the payment gateway, the broken modul can be easily fixed, and distributed to all channels automatically.
  • Multi-channel: capable to serve many channels at once.
  • Multi-biller: capable to serve many billers at once.


  1. Bank core interface.
  2. Message converter
  3. Protocol Converter
  4. Message queue system
  5. Transaction log.
  6.  System reconcile.
    1. Data processing module.
    2. Administration module.
    3. Reporting module.
  7. Security management.
  8. Biller management.